Symantec, a leading online security company, has released a warning that fradulent action by email is on the rise. The scams are targeting consumers of online cainos with phishing attacks. Symantec states that a wave of such scams has targeted online gamers at online casinos run from Antigua and the Dutch Antilles, and there is a real need for users to be cautious.

The discovery of the phising scams came about when Symantec tracked a number of attacks on small states and traced the action back to trials to sucker online gamers at a number of unnamed online casinos. The security company warns all online users to beware of phishing culprits, who typically try to trick users into divulging credit card and personal information which will enable their online accounts to be raided, or used in other fraudulent ways.

Because they are usually resided in different states than their victims, phishers need to use a “middlemen” to take money from compromised online bank accounts and wire it to them, typically using hard to trace Western Union money transfers.

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