The number of sites licensed to offer poker to residents of Italy now includes four sites of using Playtech network’s software. The member sites approved are Snai s.r.l., Eurobet Italia SpA (a division of Gala Coral), Sisal SpA and Cogetech SpA. Italy was the first major European network to recognize a fully open and regulated market for online poker, which has grown exponential since its launch late last year.

RGA Seeks Support from EU Following US/Dikshit Plea Deal

The Remote Gambling Association, which represents the interests of several large European online gaming firms, has sought the “support and protection” of European officials following the plea deal announced a week ago between PartyGaming co-founder Anurag DikShit and officials from the US Department of Justice. In a statement released by the RGA last week, the RGA condemned the moves of the Bush administration. According to RGA Chief Executive Clive Hawkswood, “These events show that the outgoing US administration and the Department of Justice have demonstrated a total disrespect for the legal rights of European online gaming companies and those associated with them and a complete disregard for US international commitments under the General Agreement on Trade in Services.” The RGA also noted the request made by European Commissioner Peter Mandelson in June requesting a freeze on enforcement actions by the USDoJ, which was ignored by US officials. The RGA termed the US moves a “breach of international law.”

Mexico Reportedly Considering Internet Gambling Ban

Details are sketchy at this time, but a small number of published reports indicate that a Mexican Congressional committee has proposed changes in that nation’s gambling laws that will legalize slot machines but will also ban internet-based gambling. The proposal is due for further consideration in early 2010, with a possible Congressional vote taking place by April.

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